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Does no-follow backlinks are useless?

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Does no-follow backlinks are useless?

Hi, can anyone please tell me does no-follow backlinks are useless?
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Nofollow links do not allow the crawler to follow your links. nofollow links do not help in ranking your website, But we get traffic from it.
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Nofollow backlinks are useful in the sense that they can drive potential traffic to your website. SEO purpose is not served though. Nofollow links are certainly recommended when it comes to taking your website to the right audience.
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No-follow links are not really useless. In the SEO perspective, no-follow does not count as search engines cannot read (follow) these links. But you can use these links strategically through posting good content. If readers find your content useful, they will click your link, even if that is no follow.
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The value of No Follow links has often led to heated debates among online marketers and SEOs. Ever since Google Penguin has been rolled out, the risk of links has become a central question.

Thanks for this post...
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No-follows allow you to expand on certain topics in your article to link users to. However, it does not send any signal to Google that you're externally or internally linking from your page.

It doesn't mean the link is useless. Rather, it is useful for expounding on multiple points without pushing too many SEO buttons where necessary.
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sonamgg wrote:Hi, can anyone please tell me does no-follow backlinks are useless?

Nofollow links do not allow the crawler to follow your links means you won't be getting any benefit in ranking But you wo;; get traffic from it.
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