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Does Hosting makes diffrence in ranking timeframe

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Does Hosting makes diffrence in ranking timeframe

Hi all ,

I just want to ask that does it make difference if any site belongs to USA and hosted on UK server , because i have seen some of the site who is not having any back links and ranking on the google .

So please tell me your suggestions .

Thanks in advance..
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There have been similar inquiries here in the forum re: ranking and the location of one's servers/hosting. I don't really think it matters. You would find sites that are located in the US but ranks highly in UK, or another country. What matter more is your website's speed because Google monitors the loading speed of websites.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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No it does not matter where you host.
What is more important is the domain extension.
I have built sites with a .com.au domain for Australia and I host them in the USA with hostgator and they rank fine in Australian Google.
Hope that helps.
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Also, think about linkvana, buildmyrank, traffickaboom.. they have private network of blogs.. they are most probably be hosted in different hosting. May subscribers to those service are doing good at least based on the reviews that I read.
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