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Does Buying Traffic Help Build List?

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Does Buying Traffic Help Build List?

Hi all

I see several websites from which you can buy targeted traffic. You choose a keyword, the country/countries you want to target and they send you a certain number of visitors per month. eg easyvisitors.com, maxvisits.com
Does the traffic from these sources convert into subscribers to newsletters or to buyers of products? Has anyone used these services successfully?

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I am not familiar with these sites. But if they are not that popular I would not risk buying traffic from them. If you want to invest on paid traffic, it is better to look at Google paid ads or do solo ads if you want to build your list.

And IMO it would still be best to build your traffic and list by creating good and valuable content, build your reputation online by doing social media, and build backlinks with white hat techniques. These are the things that attracts the right audience for your website.
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yes buying traffic is a great thing and you can buy it from freelancers from SEOclerks at cheap rates.
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I too agree that buying genuine traffic helps in building list, but ensure that the sites are dependable too. Safelists are also good sources of authentic lists.
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