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Does Article Marketing Robot (AMR) Still Work?

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Does Article Marketing Robot (AMR) Still Work?

I'm looking for a piece of software to automate submissions to article directories and I saw that Mark recommends Article Marketing Robot.

Does this software still work and do you guys recommend using it?

In their website they also have two different packages, the more expensive one includes Web 2.0 and Wiki. What are these? Are they useful?
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Hi Paul,

Yes, we still recommend AMR though it is far more effective to use it for building links to your youtube videos, weebly pages and other pages that you've built on 'authority domains' than to use it too much for building links directly to your own website.

This form of link buidling isn't very effective when it comes to newer websites. It can be 'ok' but it is very effective when you have content on estabilished domains like youtube, weebly, etc, that you want to get ranking in Google,

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I think this is not work as per latest trends. It will only bring you useless bad links. Go for quality links.
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It will only bring you useless bad links. Go for quality links.
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