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does anyone understand google

mark schaaf
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does anyone understand google

I have gotten a lot of good information from the forums but one thing i just don't get is any understanding about google. I say this because of the things that keep happening and I have asked before and have gotten some answers but I am looking for more. I check my search results about every other day to see how things are going with my efforts to get to page 1. I think I am doing ok since my site has been up for only 4 and a half months but here are some things I have a problem with and understanding.

My main target keywords are italian travel and italian vacation. on yahoo I am on page 3 search results for italian travel and on page 6 for italian vacation but I have an e-zine article on page 5 for italian vacation so my article shows up before my site. I like to check my back link all the time just to see if i have any new links show up but I also check other sites back link just to see what i am up against.

This is where I just don't understand some things. the 2 sites just ahead of me in yahoo search results have no back links showing up at all but one of them has a google rank of 1 and the other has a 2. My site has only been up for like i said 4 and a half months but I still have no google rank and the 2 sites just in front of me were started in 2010 so they can't be that old. so I don't understand what has to go on before my site get ranked it also looks like page rank has a little more importance then back links also.

I am also guessing that once I get at least a 1 ranking I should jump in front of at least the guy with no back links and a 1 rank at least it makes sense to me. One thing i think is great about yahoo is no mater what i do to my site and the things i do for seo submitting articles and what else I do that my search results stays consistent. This is where i don't understand google at all.

5 days ago I wasn't in the top 50 pages for search results for italian travel but I had an article on page 20 so I don't understand. but I was on page 3 for italian vacation which was great. but over the last 5 days I submitted 3 articles to some high pr article sites that I hadn't submitted to before. I also changed some stuff on a couple of my web pages and submitted my site to a couple more travel directories.

The day after i did all this all my search results in google were gone and were no where in the top 50 pages with the exception of the article that was still on page 20. my results in yahoo were a couple spots higher on page 3 then before. This happened before with google and the search results came back to where they were but i still don't understand it. So my problem is with google how do i figure them out. one thing that bug me even more about them is they are always telling people that they are better at giving people the most relevant search results but when I put italian travel into google I find an italian language site in the top 10 pages, now I kind of understand why this would be there but it doesn't show up on yahoo. also back around page 25 or so there is a site for italian travel suits and i don't think it should be there at all, in fact I don't think as long as there are real travel sites for keywords of italian travel that either of those 2 sites should be anywhere in the top 75.

Google acts like there computers are so great then then why does things like this show up on there results and not yahoo where i didn't see any sites in the top 50 that weren't relevant, so I guess my questions are, is my search results always going to go backwards then back forwards again with google every time i do something. and what do I need to do to get a google page rank. I thought getting links and more visits to my site would help get it ranked but with 15 back links I am not and when other sites have no back links and have ranks. I need all the help i can get in understanding, the more I know the better idea of what i need to do next. thanks Mark
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Hey Mark,

I know this is not the answer your looking for but her it goes. You can’t get so worked up trying to figure out what Google is doing.

Take it from me, analysis paralysis is what I suffer from and the bottom line is nobody knows what Google and the search engines are doing.

I’m a newbie as well and I watch my rankings way to much but the one thing I have figured out is that there is absolutely nothing I can do about the fluctuations in my rankings except to keep on working to try to make them better.

I have read so many things that people think is right but that’s the problem, they just THINK their right. Bottom line to me is have a positive attitude and do the work, it will pay off.

My two cents, take it as you will

Good luck
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Re: does anyone understand google

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What I think I understand about google is that they want only really relevant pages, with the most useful results on top, to be displayed for any query. I presume that for that reason they keep changing their algorithms.

They also continually make changes in the way search results are displayed. This is all in line with their target to provide optimal user experience on google. I believe that is also why there would be sudden drastic changes in rankings in the SERPs.
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I believe that if someone had an ebook that could crack what google thinks I am sure he would be able to sell it for 1 million dollars in an instant :o

Guess that answers everything :)
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As an internet marketer, I'd say that our efforts to rankin in google is kinda like throwing dats in fog. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you don't; all you can do is keep throwing darts. That is SEO; we fight against something we don't really understand.
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