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Does a redirect harm SEO?

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Does a redirect harm SEO?

Hi all,

Wondering what's the best way to do this...

I've joined an affiliate program that comes with it's own branded store, which is what I wanted but their site & domain isn't optimised for the keywords I want to target.

I want to register a new domain, build a new site based around my keyword, do a `my domain to their domain' redirect & was wondering what is the best SEO friendly way of doing this?

If I set up a site, say .. www.mykeyword.com .. optimised that page for the keyword & built backlinks to it.

Then my domain & optimised description would show up in the search results but when clicked it took them straight to the affiliate branded store...is this possible & more importantly is this ok in Google's eyes?

I'm curious on how I can target a keyword with a site that no visitor will see & redirect the traffic straight to their store without harming my invisible site's keyword optimization?

How all that made sense!?!

Thanks for any help.

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Google wont rank the redirect page. instead, you need to actually write some articles and build a site with links to those pages.
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Using an anylizer with the links on page doesn't cause any problems or errors so where is it harmful and is there a way around it to use those advertisements without negative effects?
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I am no pro, but I have a couple of redirects listed in google,
I think that seo is a lot harder that it is with having your own unique affiliate site, but I do believe it is possible.

one site is page 5 in google for a couple of keywords, and is on page on with yahoo and bing for a keyword...
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