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Do you know of a Search Engine Position Multiple Checker ?

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Do you know of a Search Engine Position Multiple Checker ?

I have ten domain names and have been looking for an online website tool where I can quickly check their search engine ranking in google.com/ at the same time as GROUP/ list.

One Keyword (that I am trying to rank for) per domain name, don't think I can check in Traffic Travis as a GROUP.

For example I would have a list of ten domains and a main keyword beside it and then it would spit out the rankings on the right hand side.

Hot Dog http://www.hotdog.com/ 4
Money http://www.money.com/ 5
Dog Training http://www.doggytraining.com/ 44

I have checked online for 30 minutes but can only find single postion checkers or muitle domains but only one keyword. Where I want one keyword per domain and do ten domains at a time.

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Hi Ross,

Yes, Traffic Travis currently does not support a "group" search engine position for a single keyword for each domain. You can create a project for each domain though with its own set of keywords and then run them individually. If you haven't already, you might want to include that in the Trafifc Travis Suggestion site.

I tried to look for a search engine position checker for multiple sites but found none that matched what you are looking for. You can search multiple domains for a single keyword or a website for multiple keywords.
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Hi Ross,

You can install the Rank Checker for Firefox plugin for free and use to check multiple keywords at the same time and also save keyword groups.
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I use 1lytics. It can to check the position in search engines of your site.
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