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Do you get sales from PPC?

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Do you get sales from PPC?

I am just wondering if anyone here is getting any sales using PPC (Adwords) nowadays despite the high competition and cost?
If yes, what's your average clicks per sale?
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My average click per sale is 2%. If it anything above 2% than considered as above average click per sale.
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PPC works but it really takes a lot of testing, commitment, effort, and time to get the right formula. You also need to carefully track your campaign to somehow know whether your campaign is on the right track (converting) or not.
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MARYT share a nice piece of information, keep it on!
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3 is my average click per sale & more than 3 is considered above average click per sale.
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for targeted audience PPC is real. You should only have good traffic.
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I have tried PPC ads in the past and in surely worked. The only problem is that I had to go through a lot of testing before finding the right one. Eventually, I decided to move on and used an offerwall tool instead. And now I'm happy to say that I'm earning more than what I had with PPC.
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