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"do-it-yourself" SEO service

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"do-it-yourself" SEO service


Do you guys think this service from http://seoflexsubmission.com/ could work for my small business? I'm looking at the "do-it-yourself" deal.

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Why would you pay for something that you can do just as easily yourself for free? Especially to a service that has not even been launched (it is yet to be launched on 1 December 2009, everyone), whose website is not even completely functional yet, and whose domain name was registered only last September?
I would not pay a monthly fee to an untested entity to do something that I can do for myself anyway.
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Hi Mingo,

Welcome to the forum :)

You would benefit much if you would try to learn SEO and not rely on "do-it-yourself" deals. That kind of knowledge can be a great deal more valuable in the long run.

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Customer Support

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Yeah man, I can say the only way that I have found that works is to actually do it yourself. I mean really learn it and do it yourself. Sorry, there are no shortcuts.....

Now you after you learn how and why everything works, then you can train somebody to do it how you would do it and make check up on them constantly....

Hope this helps,
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hey Sylvan,

What kind of link building techniques did you employ for your Microderm Abrasion site? Just checked your counter quickly and you're killin it.
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