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Do Follow Vs No Follow Links

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Do Follow Vs No Follow Links

Last some months I thought no follow links are just useless as they pass no link juice to our websites. But I was completely wrong. Yeah of course they pass no links to our website. But now Google prefers natural link building and proper information for visitors. Google also give prior to that sites who are optimized properly.

So guys what's your views. Please share your views and experience about it.

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No follow generally refers to page rank. This means that you won't get a PR boost from that site, but the nofollow link will still give you good traffic. Leaving comments on relevant sites will still provide exposure to your site and drive traffic. It is also helpful in creating networks with other bloggers.

If you are very concerned about follow and nofollow backlinks, I believe you should read this: Have you developed a case of “nofollow” tunnel vision?

All the best!
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I wouldn't be concerned with it too much. You need both, you will get both no matter how hard you try to get all "do-follow" links. It's just natural.
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Yes, It's very true that no-Follow link isn't going to pass any link to us but we can get good traffic by posting or commenting on relevant sites which will going to increase traffic to our site.

I have one doubt about No-Follow link that Can No-Follow link increase search engine ranking?

Thanks and Regards,
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Both Nofollow and Dofollow is very important for a site..Nofollow never gives ranking but hepls in generating traffic.. Its true that Google now prefer Nofollow links too....
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As per my knowledge no follow and do follow both are useful. Do follow back links are quality back links and no follow back links are increase our website traffics.
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One of the biggest debates in the SEO world is the do-follow vs no-follow links debate. There is one camp who stringently argue that the only links worth anything are do-follow ones; on the other hand, there is a group who say that it doesn't really matter.
As you say that no-follow links are not useless .i agree with because at least they give us useful traffic .
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Do follow back links are very strong and useful. Google consider such types back links very fast and quickly. NO follow back links are not more useful because Google may be consider or may be not consider no follow links.
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esolutions wrote:Hi,

I wouldn't be concerned with it too much. You need both, you will get both no matter how hard you try to get all "do-follow" links. It's just natural.

Yes Makes your Work Natural , Also their are Good Website those provides No-follow back-links and great from traffic purpose So don't left opportunity to promote services with those website only because they offering no-follow links .Thanks
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DoFollow means the Google or other search engine regard it as a link.

NoFollow means the Google or other search engine consider it as no link.

dofollow is important BCS you goal of <a href=> is to get links!
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