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Difference between Indexing and Crawling

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Difference between Indexing and Crawling

Hey all i am a newbie in SEO and i just wanted to solve a doubt that always creeps up in my mind!! What is the difference between Indexing and Crawling..??
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As per numerous other topics....

Crawling does Not equal Indexing
Indexing does Not equal Ranking

Just becasue G crawls a page does not mean it will show in the Index/SERPs,
nor does it mean it will rank well if it does show in the SERPs/Index.

Now please - try some searches...
1) google hasn't crawled all my pages
2) how to know what Google has indexed
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Indexing means when Google bot collect information after crawling then in indexing those information are organized.

caching is taking the snap shot when last visited by Google bot.
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Crawling is when the robots have visited your website.
Indexing is when Google places your website in the Google index and lists it when people are searching for it.
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Crawling is the process of an engine requesting and successfully downloading a unique URL.
Obstacles to crawling include no links to a URL, server downtime, robots exclusion, or using links from which bots cannot find a valid URL.

Indexing is the result of successful crawling.
I consider a URL to be indexed when an info: or cache: query produces a result, signifying the URL’s presence in the Google index.
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Simply put:

Crawling- is when Google visits a site. Google assigns 'bots' that crawls the web for sites that they can record and index on their pages. These bots are called "Google bots"

Indexing- is the process of putting a website on Google's pages. This is the process where Google decides which websites to display on a specific search term
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Many young SEO professionals who have started their journey of promoting business often interchange two popular terms Crawling and Indexing. But their is a clean and basic difference between these two.
Crawling takes place when there is a successful fetching of unique URIs which can be traced from valid links from other web pages.

Indexing takes place after a crawled URIs are processed. Note that there may be several URIs that are crawled but there could be fewer of them whose content will be processed through indexing
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