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Copying what others do - is it a right way?

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Copying what others do - is it a right way?

Just wanted to say hello and ask about thing what makes me a little bit worried.
Is this possible that all this copying what other affiliates do, leads us to disaster and in the end google just has to change the rules and react somehow.
For example, i found Mark's Flight Simulator web from Google's first page and next to this was somebodys page,which was basically exact copy.
Articles were reworded of course but wp theme was the same and the whole page looked the same.
I don't see how this would be good for people who are useing Google search engine and as Google doesn't care much about us, affiliates, im pretty sure that at one point they'll react somehow.
Just wanted to ask your opinion :)

Thanks & Take Care!
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That's pretty funny. I grabbed a few of marks keywords and went to town on google. Much as I suspected when I first started the blog bootcamp back in early December, a pile of folks would copy him verbatim.

I'm sure he suspected as much and didn't plan on making much money from marketing this product. Two things I took away from this exercise, 1) He was looking to provide a quality example to help people get started (Which he successfully did, BTW!) and 2) knowing that most people are not very creative, they'd copy him and give his buddy a ton of affiliates to market their flight simulator.

Get creative, dive into ClickBank and find some original products to market. I plan is to stick to products with a gravity between 30 and 50. This will allow you to both market a product that's proven as well as not being over marketed. Once you've got a nice positive flow of income, than take the risks with the more popular stuff. The key, in my opinion, is to not rush in the same direction as everyone else. ;)
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What we copy is the methodology and not the content. It's like studying painting. You learn how to mix the colors and how to apply them on canvas, which brush to use, etc. but you do not paint the same picture that your teacher has painted. Bottom line is, follow the system but come up with your own original content.
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I agree with Faradina and Bart. I would like to add that if you are incapable of adding your own original and compelling content, outsourcing is always a good option.
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