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Competing against yourself for search engine placement

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Competing against yourself for search engine placement

When I first made my site, I targeted the keyword phrase "wind generator plans."

Now I just added a new page that reviews wind generator plans, and I inadvertently targeted the same keyword phrase.

The urls are different. One is...


the other is...


They both target the keyword phrase "wind generator plans." So, is it impossible to rank two pages from the same root URL, in this case, www.makeenergynow.com, for one keyword phrase.

I don't think I've ever seen the same root URL appear twice in the top 10 search rankings.
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I typed the search term

social network

into google search and came up with three different web pages from en.wikipedia.com on the first page of results.
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I think if you look at the listings, a lot of times Google will put two or three pages on a particular site with another link to see more options from that site if the site has multiple pages that might fit for a particular search term. I believe that this has been the case for some time.

(Try running a few searches yourself if you don't believe me.)

Haven't checked lately to see if any others do a similar strategy or not, but something to be aware of.

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What could be better than having your site in the first 5 places on googles first page

Many marketeters find a niche then build a network of sites around that niche just to achieve this exact scenario
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If your second page is just new maybe you might want to look at changing the keyword slightly "wind turbine plans" or something. If the keywords targeted are exactly the same then you are competing against yourself and you will have to do double the effort in link building for the same keyword. Changing the keyword extends your possible audience. (Just my opinion)

I have occupied the top two positions in google with two different pages from the same site. Each page targeted a slightly different key word but the key word phrase typed in google was a mix of the two key word phrases (neither exact) that I was targeting on the different pages.

If you type in affilorama into google you will see the site links that come up under the first result for affilorama. If you own the site you do have limited options of changing these "SiteLinks" through google webmaster tools.

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