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Choosing a web hosting and SEO relation

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Choosing a web hosting and SEO relation

I saw several debates on the topic of hosting provider location and the impact on SEO and search engine rankings. As a best practice, it is recommended to host in the same country you are targeting but i'm wondering if there are any studies available that confirms location of web hosting influences SEO and rankings?
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There are questions about whether the location of your servers has any direct relation to your rankings. Articles such as this one confirm that having your server located in an area well away from the country or area you want to rank in affects your SEO for that target country. One workaround to this is to form backlinks from websites that are ranking well for your target country/location.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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The host can really determine how many traces you have from you URL to your server. The speed of the ping can improve and decrease your site's load time. You may be interested in knowing your IP neighborhood from your hosting provider to find out which sites you are sharing a server with. If you use a fairly big name hosting provider, it shouldn't have much impact on your SEO.
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A good host can still assign you specific C-Block IPs, regardless of the physical location of the datacenter. This is helpful if you want to target just one country, or several.
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