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Changing keywords

mark schaaf
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Changing keywords

When I put my site together the main keyword string I was targeting for my home page was getting about 100,000 clicks a month and now it is getting only about 1000. The article I wrote to use the keywords I think is very good and I think it would be easy to rewrite some of it so I could use the new highly searched keywords which are different but similar enough to use because it is the same subject. Does it make sense to do this because the popular keywords for this subject has changed? Thanks Mark
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You could change the article and onpage to target the "new" keyword term. The more related terms that you have on the page, and having a variety of related terms as linked back anchor text will help in the longterm. In fact, you could end up ranking very highly for a related term that you haven't even specifically targeted.
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For new keywords backlinks are required.
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You must not change your keywords. If your keyword is new, you must start to put more effort for getting backlinks.
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Hi Mark,

You can change your keywords if you feel that this would make it easier for you to get your target market on your site and get conversions. You can rewrite the same article and optimize it for your new keywords. Search engines also look at relevance and since you can only use your target keywords a few times in your article, then you can use similar keywords within your article to foster relevance within it.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I use Google Analytics to see what keywords are being used most often to access each webpage. Sometimes they are the same as the keywords I am already targeting, but sometimes different keywords show up that I had not thought of. I keep a note of these and, if they continue showing up after a couple of weeks, I will change the targeted keywords in the webpage accordingly. It is always a good idea to keep the original keywords somewhere in the webpage so that old backlinks still work, but I never find that this is difficult. Of course, you will want to target the new keywords with a new backlink campaign.
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Google Adwords tool is good for keyword researching.
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