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changing established site from HTML to Wordpress

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changing established site from HTML to Wordpress

I need to preserve my fairly good SEO page positions, link juice gained over 10 years blogging.
I'm updating to WPress from my old HTML site, for many reasons, mobile compatibility, style, easy of changing links....etc.
How can I best do this, as the new pages written on WP are php and the page it replaces ends in .HTML for example
NOW: www.sitename.co.uk/allcars.html
on WP it changes to

Will Google sort it out? Do I need some sort of redirection? Will my All in One SEO plugin sort it out? OR Should I use a plugin like: WP Page Permalink Extension By Sayan Datta ?
Grateful for any experienced suggestions
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Hello Andrew,

301 redirects can resolve this. SEO plugin has this feature, I think.
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Use canonical tag in page or try 301 redirection method. Your organic ranking will be recover.
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301 redirection is the better option for changing the site.
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