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Can you optimize different pages for the same content?

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Can you optimize different pages for the same content?

Hey folks!

In my country, I'm doing SEO for a local service.
The truth is that in various states, we provide services.

My question is Do you suggest that various pages be produced for each state? Example: " contractors in Alabama" "contractors in New York" etc. These pages will have similar content, only change the location's name.

Or is it better to build just one page? How can you "add" all of the locations in that case?

Thanks in advance.
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Better create different content for different pages. TO really optimize your local SEO, I suggest you get separate pages for each location but make sure that you optimize each with unique content.
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Hey @tandaezeekdv, It is better to go with individual pages with unique and optimized content!!
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Just create a sub-directory on the website to manage different pages. consult your web developer. and Optimized meta will help you. if not then add the on-page content.
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There are high risks of duplicate content being penalized by Google. If you have the same (exactly the same) content on 3 web pages with the same title tag and the same image, Google may not accept it. But if you have 3 different, closely related blog posts, make sure you have unique content, unique title tags, and some unique phrases on each.
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It will create content duplication. So create unique content for all pages will be the good practice.
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For optimizing for local states create different pages with unique content so that you can rank for those keywords.
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