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Can We Use Links In Our Content?

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Re: Can We Use Links In Our Content?

Hi Aditya,

Yes, you can use links, both internal and external on your content. You can place up to a 100. You can add more but then not all of those links will be indexed.

It's great to link to related pages on your site, and to link to other sites you got information from.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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You can use links in your content with purpose. Keep your audience in mind before linking your content so you can boost your traffic gradually.
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I don't think the quantity of links matters so much.
What's more important is that it doesn't look spammy and that the links add value.

If someone were to click a link and think to themselves, this is exactly what I wanted, then you're on the right track.

If their first instinct is the back button, you've got a problem.
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Doing internal and external link building into your website is a very good thing This will give importance to your website inner pages.
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Links within the pages of your website if definitely okay and a plus factor for SEO. This will enable your readers to e aware of the other pages in your web. It is also good as mentioned by cecille to links to other authoritative sites within your niche, specifically those with higher PR. Siting the source of your information is a good linking strategy. You establish credibility, plus the owner of the site will be more than happy for the link. Call it your way of saying thankyou for the info you used in your content. ;-)
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