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Can the H2 tag be used inside of the TITLE tag?

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Can the H2 tag be used inside of the TITLE tag?

There, the topic says it so but let me clarify. I'm not optimizing my blog's post-titles with the <h2> tags. I'm wondering whether I can modify my blog's main <title> as so:
<title><h2>Blog Title</h2></title>
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No. The title tag is not for content that is rendered on the page, but specifies what appears at the top of the browser. It's an important tag.
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Totally agree with esolutions,

Mostly we are using h1 tag for the Title and H2 tag for the sub title.. So we have to use H1 tag for the title and it will be more beneficial in terms of the SEO.

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mark schaaf
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just in case you aren't following what garykirsten111 means, it is the title on the page that everyone sees not the background stuff. Most often it is the first words at the beginning of a paragraph and sometimes you can have a title for the paragraph and that is where you use your H1 tag
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