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Best techniques for off-page SEO to rank Website

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Best techniques for off-page SEO to rank Website

Generally, Off-Page activities are performing for increase traffic on a website, increase keyword position on SERP’s and building quality backlinks.
Here are some effective factors for increase your website ranking as well traffic on a website.
Article and Blog writing and Submissions:
Blogging and Article have been used lately for better search engine optimization. A few tips can be recommended here if you want better SEO through blogging and let’s take a look at it.
You can generate huge traffic to the website and engage your visitors by Article and Blogging, with the help of Anchor text on blog and Article you can Build Backlinks as well keyword position on SERP’s.
Social Bookmarking:
To ensure that your social media marketing campaigns contribute to your brand’s greater business objectives, learn more about Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting:
One of the strongest factor for increase keyword posting on search engine by adding the signature on your forum answers and its very helpful for driving traffic to a website. It's helpful for resolving quires by asking the question.

Above factors are best for increase keyword ranking on search engine, now here are

Some other factors which are useful for increase traffic.

1. Question and Answers
2. Directory Submission
3. Review submissions
4. Commenting
5. Social Media posting
6. Profile building
7. Business Listing
8. Video Sharing
9. Document (PPT, PDF etc) Sharing
10. Image sharing
11. Info-graphics submissions

Important note:
Use high-quality content

Do not perform spam

Build Do-Follow backlinks from high DA(Domain Authority) website
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I absolutely agree with you, especially about SMM, it really gives a lot of traffic. About signature on forums - it really takes a lot of time to let the signature in your profile and you must comment the threads very qualitatively
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Nice. Thanks for sharing. You have covered most offpage seo techniques. There should be backlink strategies for stronger backlink and help to rank high in the search rankings: Pyramid model, Fish bone model, Spiral model and linkWheel model.
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Hi there,

You can also add below techniques in your list:

1. Content Marketing
2. Web 2.0
3. Guest Blogging.
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If anyone follows this technique, then he gets a better result-

1. Quality Content
2. Guest Blogging
3. Broken Link building
4. Question and Answers
5. Forum posting
6. Info-graphics submissions
7. Web 2 back-links

And more
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These are the best Off-Page SEO techniques for website ranking:

Social Bookmarking
Image Sharing
Forum Participation
Guest Blogging
Web 2.0
Blog Commenting
Directory submission
Local Business Listing
Profile Creation
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I too agree with you. Off page submission is the best way to rank the website in the top page of the search engine. Quality content is a key to get success.
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Thanks for sharing.
Top quality content is the must to get more traffic and more organic backlinks.
Top quality content is unique, detailed, informative and SEO optimized content. You need to make a perfect site fixing all internal SEO errors.
We think about backlink only that we get manually.
But natural and organic backlink is the best backlink that really helpful for search engines rankings.
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Social Media
Guest Posting
Blog Commenting
Web 2.0 Submission
Social Bookmarking
Classified Ads
Forum Posting
All are best techniques of off page SEO.
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As I know that SEO techniques have 2 parts, that are:
1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO

With Off page SEO, we have many ways to do, and here i know some ways as listed below
1. Forum Posting.
2. Directory Submission.
3. Article submission (Articles needs to provide)
4. Web 2.0 (Articles needs to provide)
5. Social Bookmarking
6. Search engine submit lac
7. Blog Comment
8. Ping
9. Wiki links
10. Guest Posting
11. Classified Posting etc

I hope this helps.
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Best off-page tecgniques are:
Directory submission
Guest posting
Blog posting
Profile creation
Business listing
Blog comment
Social media participation
Social bookmarking
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Top 10 best off-page SEO techniques...

1. Social Media Engagement.
2. Social Bookmarking Sites.
3. Forum Submission.
4. Blog Directory Submission.
5. Article Submission.
6. Question and Answer.
7. Video Submission.
8. Image Submission.
9. Infographics Submission.
10.Document Sharing.
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very good information thanks for sharing,actually search engine optimization is very fruitful when it contain keywords of good density and same case in back link providing sites ,good sites provide perfect connection between websites and relevant traffic ,
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Off-Page SEO : It refers to the actions that are made beyond the website using links, content and relationships to rank the website position in Search Engine Result Page [SERP].
Best Off page techniques are:
• Social Bookmarking Sites
• Forums submission
• Blog directory submission
• Classified ads
• web 2.0 submission
• Article submission
• Video submission
• Image submission
• Infographics submission
• Document sharing.
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