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best SEO techniques working in 2017

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best SEO techniques working in 2017

SEO is more than just ranking. It's about educating users, helping them, solve problems and moving them toward a connecting with a site or brand.

SEO is all about UX (User Experience) and Google also more and more focusing on User Experience. Yes Google wants better UX in 2017, 2018…. and so

Here are few predictions that can be expected in the year of 2017.

AMP by Google: mobile optimization

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Program was floored by Google back in the first month of the year 2016.

Don’t forget Siri: voice search

Voice search has become more popular than ordinary search. Siri, Cortana, Google Now – these were the best virtual assistant throughout the year. The scenario will be same in 2017 as well. It is important for the SEO agency to make things better as the customers are comfortable in taking help from virtual assistants. When it comes to SEO it is important that Siri knows your website or Cortana can lead your customer to your service page.

Quality content:

It is necessary for your company to deliver something that not only attracts your customer but also sticks them to it.

Coming to some important Factors:

1. Article and Blog Submission is one of the strongest techniques for Generating traffic on the website and building back-links.

2. Long Tail Keywords are trending on Meta tags as well on content.

3. Local search, yes target, to the local geographical location in Keywords.

4. Forum posting and Question - Answers are best practices for generating traffic as well engage visitors on website or blogs.

5. Social Bookmarking still valuable for link building.

6. Website loading speed and Mobile friendly website are important factors now.
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And it is very important to make a strong presence in social media
The first website newbies are exposed is – more often than not – Facebook and other social media accounts. Almost everyone online has at least two social media accounts. Now, it really would be unwise to not strive to be a part of that.
A single post showing up on someone’s timeline can interest the user to click it. And no one is on the blind anymore. They don’t just click, they share, comment, re-post, contribute, etc., till they ensure the people they care about have read your article as well (Provided its that good, of course).
SMM should be added to your post)
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You have shared nice information no doubt, I think in 2017 Content Marketing and Quality Link Building are the major factors.
Social Meid is the strongest thing for Driving traffic to the website and building online Brand Name.
Thank You for sharing with us, keep writing.
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Hello lisahandson,

Taking after are the best SEO systems that demonstrate commendable in 2017

Guest posting
Blog commenting
Forum posting
Bookmarking will still in queue
Broken link building
Blog submission

Trust it makes a difference!

Anurag Gupta
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There is no new SEO techniques in 2017.

Mainly Off-Page SEO techniques are more effective need to participate regularly.
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Thanks for sharing.
Top quality content is the must to get more traffic and more organic backlinks.
Top quality content is unique, detailed, informative and SEO optimized content. You need to make a perfect site fixing all internal SEO errors.
We think about backlink only that we get manually.
But natural and organic backlink is the best backlink that really helpful for search engines rankings.
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Guest posting and your presence on social media are best techniques of SEO to getting links and drive traffic.
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blogger posting, blogger commenting classifieds directory submission bookmarking this are techniques of SEO.
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There is no new SEO techniques. Blog commenting, guest posting, blog posting, business listing, profile creation, social media helps to get traffic as well as backlinks.
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