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Best free Traffic Sources!

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Best free Traffic Sources!

Many sources, let me categorize in two way’s one of is SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and another is SMO(Social Media Optimization).
The purpose of SEO:
The main aim of Search Engine Optimization is to get more targeted visitors to your website which will increase the growth of business. White hat SEO and some natural practices which help the website to get quality ranking results. The majority of the website will place on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Check out some SEO factors for getting visitors or traffic on your website.

On-Page: Make website SEO friendly and implement some On-Page SEO factors and make your website best for Visitors Experience as well better search Engines crawling and Indexing.

Here is the list of some important SEO On-Page factors

Unique and High-quality content with 2 to 5 percent of Keywords density.
Website Structure and Links navigation should be the hierarchical form like the tree.
Web Page URL’s should be clean, relevant to the web page and readable for users and Search Engines.
Meta tags and Header tag should be proper.
Website mobile friendly and fast loading.
Off-Page SEO: All the Off-Page SEO factors are helpful for building Backlinks and driving traffic to the website.

List of Off-Page SEO Factors for traffic driving to the website:

Guest Blogging
Question and Answers
Social Media posting
Article and Blog Submission
Blog Commenting
Business Listing
Forum Posting

The purpose of SMO:
SMO refer for gaining traffic, brand promotion or attention through social media website like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

SMO is the best way to drive traffic to the website instantly!

All Social Media websites have different features, some of the websites only allow you to share Images, some website allows Videos.

Facebook is one of the best platforms which is using for multiple purposes, like Image sharing, video sharing, Content or text promotion etc..

LinkedIn is best for targeting commercial industries.

Instagram is best for targeting youth and product selling.

Pinterest is best for Image sharing

YouTube for Video sharing.
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Great article. I think if you want to get quality traffic then you should create backlinks at quality sites with unique content.
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The one I use the most in Instagram. It's definitely a really efficient way to get targeted traffic. Also it can be automated to some extent which makes it really lucrative to people who care about their time.
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I get free traffic from social media sites and also from blog commenting about the same niches
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Hi there,

You forgot to content marketing in the list off-site factor. As we all know content is the King and Google gives first priority to quality content.
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Hi Lisa

Some great advice here, thank you :)
Currently I'm using social media for organic traffic but to help with extra leads and targeted traffic I use these 2 sites:

1. Targeted traffic source - <<<<link removed>>>>
2. Free leads every day source - <<<<link removed>>>>

Kind regards,
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I think Blog Posting best Traffic Sources! and also Forum Posting
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I suggest Off-Page SEO techniques, Content promotions and Social media marketing is the best way to get free traffic for the website.
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Excellent post. Thanks for sharing with us.
I totally agree with you, On Page SEO is really important for making such website that Gooogle loves.
There are different free traffic sources. Social media, forum sites, questions&answers sites, article submission sites, and more really helpful traffic sources.
We can also drive enough quality traffic and increase authority by doing guest posting on high authority sites.
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For every quality backlink always submit your content in high PR sites that helps to get your high-quality backlinks.
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for getting free enter organic listing for your website.
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for get more traffic maintain a blog posting, question and answering, social media submissions.
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Best free traffics are generated from, blog submission, guest blogging, profile creation, business listing and social book marking, directory submission, infoghraphic submission, classified ads helps to ge high ranking in the search engine result page.
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