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Article Marketing-I Think I Just Lost My Mind!

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Article Marketing-I Think I Just Lost My Mind!

Hi Guys,

I've been doing affiliate marketing for almost 2 years now on a very part time basis. I've made a few pennies. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to really promote my sites the way I want, partly because all my limited free time is spent spinning articles for submission to AMA and Article Marketing Robot.

Now, I just read this forum post at warrior :http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/417371-article-marketing-spin-really-necessary.html

And then, this blog post: http://anne-pottinger.com/article-marke ... d-for-all/

Apparently, we don't need to be spinning articles at all as part of our back linking strategy. I JUST LOST MY MIND!!

I've spent countless hours spinning articles for submission to crappy blog networks when I could have just been writing original content for Ezine (and a couple others). I could have just been submitting my EZA articles all over with no spin!

How in the world can it be that the training here consistently claims we need to be spinning articles?

Can someone please provide some insight? I'm beginning to feel a little ripped off.

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Hi Carl,

I actually did a bit of an experiment a few months ago. I started 4 different websites and built links in different ways to them to see what the most effective method was.

You can read the last update I did on it here:

http://www.journeyofmyown.com/new-websi ... t-month-4/

Website A just involved simple article marketing and submitting the same articles to 10 or so different directories.

Website B was just spun articles to blog networks.

Website D was a combination of both and it by far out performed the other methods.

(Website C was a half-hearted social media campaign that didn't really go anywhere...)

Hope this helps.
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Thanks Clayton,

I followed your online experiment and it was impressive! What I'm talking about is writing articles for syndication rather than writing articles for links.

From what I can tell, doing syndication article marketing involves providing high quality unique value to readers in very large and well-researched articles. I'm talking about articles that are over 1,000 words that can be picked up and distributed by higher quality pages.

These kind of articles are not your garden variety "how to get rid of a yeast infection using Raid" that have been redone over and over again.

I'm suspecting that a well-done article on yeast infections will include quality beyond simply saying, "my yeast infection drove me crazy until I visited the doctor 12 times, but you don't need to do that."

I know your method works for sure, but I don't have the time to re-write and spin each page of my website 52 times, let alone do all the submissions. If there is an alternative that is not so mind numbing and can accomplish the same thing, then I'd like to know if it's worthwhile.


Let me know if you are still using AMA. I'm about to cancel, but would like your input. PM if you want.

Thanks again,

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hey Carl,

Article spinning has been debated to death since people started using it to syndicate trash across the net. the thing is that Article spinning is helpful, but not just as an SEO tactic.

I use spun articles to create loads of unique content to market my sites in various formats. I can take a spun article and use it for links, a newsletter, putting together ebooks ( 80% of my traffic guide was spun articles that I had written over the course of 2 years...) videos, and any where else you need content online.

Most people get so caught up in SEO that they don't look at anything else when following these tactics. For just basic seo purposes, article spinning isn't that great, but if you want to leverage the same content in a variety of different formats, you can use spun articles to say the same thing in a variety of ways to engage different people.
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Hi Carl
I can't comment on article spinners as I have never used them. I don't spin in the traditional sense of reconstructing content, sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph. But I do take the same idea and write about it from different points of view. I like to think my content is meaningful and not generic, regardless of whose site it is on, so when I write an article for ezinearticles or whoever I don't rehash content that is already out there I try and have a new point of view.

The 5000+ inbound links I now have to the first site I ever built all comes from half a dozen directory placements and a few (three) articles I put on ezinearticles of which two were picked up by 1000's of health sites. That first site makes $2000/month from adsense and a couple of affiliate offers with no autoresponder.

For me a few well written articles has worked.

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Hi Carl,

I hate article spinning as well, not only because it is boring and takes a long time, but also because of all the crappy articles that are being dumped in the internet landfills as a result. Many people say that spinning is only useful for not getting your article deleted from some of the bigger directories (that demand unique content) and as a way to get multiple article listings in google. To be honest I am no expert and have not tested whether you can achieve just as good SEO success without spinning. I still get some spun articles submitted for my sites but instead of doing it myself I have now outsourced the entire process. I recommend doing this if you have the money.
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Just summarizing what most of the other guys have said .....

Focus on quality and relevancy and you will be fine. Quality content delivered to quality sites with relevant content. Spin it or don't - its up to you but always keep your reader in mind.

Clayton's experiment was great and all credit to him for doing it.

I have found that I have unsubscribed from all automated services (like BMR, SLV and MAS) and am focusing on an article syndication system. The results are certainly no worse than the spam links I was getting and the quality of the articles that I am putting out is far better.

Also link diversity plays a role so relevant bookmarks and social commentary is also important.
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I'm not trying to take sides here, I just want to mention how article spinning has helped me.
First of all I use spun articles mostly for the direct traffic from the article and not for the link to boost my rankings. However, I have gotten some pages ranking in the top few results simply using spun articles over hundereds of article sites. To make spinning easier I have learned to write the original article with spinning in mind from the start. Keeping the content relevant but not overly detailed (a casual read if you will). This makes rewriting it much easier and it will still read well.

Even if you don't think that links from spun articles are worth the time it takes to write them it is a good base to get a new page or site some traffic and get it on its way up the S.E.'s rankings. I also agree 100% that a combination of using spun articles along with more detailed (what I like to call authority articles) placed in places where you will get direct linked traffic from works best.

Just one last thing.
If you are having a hard time finding blogs or forums to place links to your site because comments are closed everwhere you look, you might want to take a break from looking to post links on blogs and write and spin a article just because you know that at least you will get some traffic from them.

Most of all.
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Paul Burkhardt
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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It's really a matter of preference. I don't like spinning articles as well. Funny enough, it takes me longer to spin a new version of an article than re-writing it or "re-hashing" so I don't do it most of the time. Don't get too caught up about what to do and what not to do, but rather, do what works for you.
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