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Article Exchange

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Article Exchange

I want to know Article Exchange Process.... please suggest me the answer
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Article Exchange works similarly to a link exchange. You publish an article on your site containing links to the site of the article's author and in exchange the author of the article publishes your article with links back to your site on his website. It is one way of building links to your site.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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It's a way of Guest Posting I guess? However, you can get link exchange by building backlinks from Article Directories. They're usually high quality backlinks since most of the article directories need approval of the articles.

However, you can always outsource that. You do not want to do them by yourself since it's time consuming. Check out http://backlinking4seosite.com. I always outsource my backlinks from there.

Got a huge increasing in rankings nowadays by using those services.
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Hi contactus1,

I am not sure if it is good to do article exchange (as it likely works the same as link exchange). This kind of link building can look unnatural since you are just "exchanging links" to websites. I suggest that you instead try guest posting, which is far better than doing link/article exchange.

I hope that helps :)

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I don't really like the idea of Article exchange because I rarely put links to other sites on my site, I try to only get links to my site and write all my own articles and only have out going links to information only sites like Wikipedia or a site within my niche that doesn't sell anything. Also you don't know what kind of site you are sending links to unless you check them out well in advance.
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Hello all

Even if the links from an article exchange may help a bit in your websites rankings now, i'm quite sure that Google will not give them any value in the future. This means that these links may hurt instead of help your rankings down the road so I would not bother with them.

Any kind of exchange is not recommended, it simply looks un-natural to the S.E.'s.

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