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Are there lists of sites that are good to backlink to?

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Are there lists of sites that are good to backlink to?

I've been kind of randomly searching for good sites to submit my site pages to, but it's taking far too much time and many times when I find one, my link won't go through. Does anyone have any list's of sites that might take my link? Is there a special way to search for these site's?
Paul Burkhardt
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Paul J. Burkhardt
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Have you tried to use the Trusted Sites Tool to get links back to your site from .gov and .edu sites? You could post comments on the sites listed with a link back to a relevant page on your site and it will help increase your rankings.
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Use Traffic Travis or yExplore throw fire fox and see what your competitions back links are, then try to get the same back links.
I did this the other day and found a social book marking site I had never herd of, I then submitted every page of my web site to get back 10 pr 3 links in 2 days! All from about 30 minutes of work:)
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Here is a list that can help you out:

Hubpages.com PR5
Squidoo.com PR8
Wordpress.com PR8
Blogger.com PR8
Tripod.com PR7
Geocities.com PR9
MSN Spaces Live PR8
Wikidot.com PR6
Aboutus.org PR6
Weebly.com PR7
Zimbio.com PR6
Wetpaint.com PR6
Tumblr.com PR7
Associatedcontent.com PR6
Wikispaces.com PR7
Quizilla.com PR7

All the best,
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