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Are There Any Benefits To Doing Gray Hat SEO?

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Are There Any Benefits To Doing Gray Hat SEO?

Hi dear friends please tell me What benefits give Gray hat seo ?
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Gray hat SEO can be described as a technique that uses both white hat and black hat SEO. I am not really fond of using gray hat SEO as this still involves black hat techniques. There is really not much of an advantage in using gray hat as most of these techniques can get your website penalized if you get caught.
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There is always a risk when you practice Gray Hat SEO. Aside from the risks, since Gray Hat SEO having benefits are:
A lot of keywords are inserted into articles
Publishing Duplicate Content
Link Building with Irrelevant Sites
Getting more links
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It is not possible to say but your off-page techniques should be great to get natural links from other websites.Then you will not discuss gray hat techniques again because white hat is long lasting technique to give sustain ranking in search engines.
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As advised by Mary, I also recommend not use grey hat SEO techniques as these techniques includes black hat techniques which should not be used and violate Google guidelines.
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I recognize very well about gray hat SEO techniques. There is you can get one benefit from this method. Your site will be banned by Google. And again your site won’t come to search engines. Now I ask one question. Yet again do you like this technique? For that reason, there is no use of this process. Therefore, you can bring your site into each search engine, when you take proper online marketing services to your site.
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I will never recommend that you should go with Gray Hat SEO.
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