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Analytics Code not working

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Analytics Code not working

Hi there,

I don't need Analytics under normal circumstances, but I put it on my blog to satisfy a curiosity question more than anything.

I followed the instructions for copying and pasting the Analytics code on Wednesday. It's now Friday and no data is showing up.

For those thinking that the comment tag in between the Analytics and the </body> tag is the issue, it's not. I had it after the comment tag as well and nothing happened.

Analytics says it's installed properly and that it's "waiting for data", but I know for a fact people have visited the site since then.

What else am I supposed to do?

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Have you verified your set up? If you haven't, then please do. This will help you determine what's causing the error.
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After you install the code there is a link in the control panel that you have to click which verifies that the code is on the index page. If analytics doesnt confirm it on the index page then it will not activate. It may try to check it automatically after a certain time im not sure, whenever I install it I always click the link right away.

After its activated you will be waiting a minimum of 24 hours (48 hours max in my experience) to see your results.

Hope that helps.
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Analytics didn't seem to have a problems with the replacement of the "old" code. It didn't come up with any error messages or notifications and it still said it was receiving data.
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