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All in one seo pack, or yoast seo

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All in one seo pack, or yoast seo

what plugin do i need the most, the all in one seo pack, or the plugin by yoast not sure if I need just one of them or both.thank jay
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jason l clifton

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I am interested in this as well. Actually, I am trying to learn about plugins more and I just installed the "yoast" mentioned as it was presented as being reccomended by Affilotheme. Hope it was not a mistake as I also have the all-in-one seo pack installed as well.
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That All-In-One SEO plugin has been around a long time and used to be the best. So, many people recommend it who have never tried the newer WordPress SEO plugin by Joost de Vald.

I've found Joost's plugin to be superior to the lod All-In-One SEO plugin in several ways. I also recommend reading Joosts excellent blog for marketing advice http://yoast.com/

Hope this helps....
_jim coe
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Use one plug-in on your one project and try the other on your other website. See which one seems to do the better performance for the type of sites you are running.

Please share your experience with us.
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