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How to test new offers through PPC

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How to test new offers through PPC

How do you guys test new offers through PPC?

Will you just build a new Landing page or do you create a new website?

I’m wondering because building a new website costs time. But the super affiliate said we should test 5-7 offer every month.
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Affiloblueprint is not a CPA course.

"The super affiliate" you were talking about was
probably referring to direct linking or a generic
landing page e.g. "Why Acai Berry is Good For
You" and then testing Acai offers from the different

"5-7 offers every month" sounds way too random
to me.

But anyway, if you're doing Affiloblueprint, don't worry
about that at all; just make sure you're reviewing a couple
different products and tracking what converts.
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Hi Fanatic,

Could you explain a little bit more?
Yes, I’m refer super affiliate - Amit Mehta.

Too random? What do you mean?

I’m not familiar with Affiloblueprint, could you tell me a little bit more?
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AffiloBlueprint is a special 12-week program and it makes something that seems so difficult actually very achievable and puts it all within a definite time frame to keep you focused and moving forward.


It's a course that has really helped a lot of people move forward with their affiliate marketing, rather than going around in circles often due to information overload!

The last 3 weeks go into a whole lot of detail about PPC, or there is the PPC Confessions pack which is a lot of in-depth interviews with PPC experts giving away their secrets to success.

While AB doesnt cover CPA, that is something I go into detail in Issue 8 of the Premium magazine.

All the best

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