PPC Confessions Volume I & II

"How To Secretly Eavesdrop, Listen In On, And Get Advice From Guys Who Make Millions Of Dollars Every Year from Pay Per Click. You'll Listen To Me Pick Their Brains To Learn Their Secrets — All From The Comfort Of Your Own Home..."

What I've done is I've spent several months hounding different pay per click millionaires and got them to reveal their secrets to me via audio and video-webinar based interviews.

These aren't any old interviews, these are high quality intermediate to beyond advanced super affiliate tactics and strategies.

I've broken these down into two cutting edge products called "PPC Millionaire Confessions" Volumes I and II. I'm going to be selling each of these for $499 each (or $997 for the twin pack) on my Affilorama website very soon.

But seeing as you are now a valued AffiloBlueprint customer, and because I really want you to consider claiming these interviews I've decided to offer you a once only offer that is less than 1/3 the regular price.

If you claim these PPC Millionaire Confessions Vol I and II today, you'll get full access to all of these amazing secrets for only $297.

If you know anything about pay per click, you'll realize that $297 is an extremely low price when you consider the dramatic effect the secrets of these PPC Millionaires will have on your weekly income.

Read on below for a full description of what is contained inside each interview then you'll find a big red button at the bottom of the page which will allow you to add these incredibly high value interviews to your order.

PPC Millionaire Confessions Vol. 1


Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Offer Secrets with Gauher Chaudhry

Did you know that you can get paid just for sending leads without even having to make sales?

Did you know that you can earn thousands of dollars if you can get people to fill in their zip code, or name and email address?

This might sound far fetched to you, but it's completely true and PPC millionaire Gauher Chaudhry earns over $2 million per year from doing this and I've grilled him to uncover his jaw dropping secrets so that you can utilize them for yourself!

Here's what you'll learn inside this incredible ground-breaking interview:

  • You'll learn all about CPA (Cost Per Aquisition) affiliate offers, and specifically Gauher's favorite kinds of CPA offers that lead to the majority of his $2 million per year online income.
  • Discover Gauher's favorite CPA affiliate networks.
  • The one network that Gauher would stay with if he had to choose. This answer is guaranteed to surprise you.
  • Uncover Gauher's exact PPC bidding strategies so that you get a great click through rate, without burning a hole in your pocket and while making sure that you get a great quality score.
  • Learn about shady tactics that CPA networks often use to 'shave' your commissions, and how to minimize the chances of that happening to you!
  • How Gauher managed to keep pulling in $2 million per year without a team of staff.
  • Gauher's 3 biggest tips on how to improve your PPC strategy.
  • Find out about Gauher's secret ways of utilizing the Google Content Network to rake in over a million dollars in CPA commissions each year.
  • Learn about the other search engines that Gauher profits from outside of Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Discover why Gauher recommends you start with Yahoo PPC first, and uncover his advanced tactics for making a killing from this PPC network.

I can't emphasize enough how good this interview is and how much you won't want to miss what is inside. It is worth the price of the entire PPC Millionaire Confessions I & II products just by itself.


Google Content-Match Domination with Alen Sultanic (Online Video)

Alen Sultanic is one of those underground internet marketers who many of you will not have heard of. That's because he spends so much more time doing than teaching. He has had incredible success with PPC and has killer secrets to share about how to dominate the Google content network.

In this incredible video you'll learn how to copy Alen's formula and go into any niche with the best possible chance of success. If you've been ignoring Content Match up until now... this video will blow the lid off all your preconceptions about this network!


Renegade PPC Tactics with Ryan Moran

Ryan Moran receives 5-figure pay checks every single month from PPC alone, yet he still lives in his dorm room at college and is only doing PPC part-time!

Also Ryan is one of the best YouTube experts that I know so I grilled him for his knowledge in that area too.

In this revealing interview, Ryan holds nothing back as he shows you:

  • His biggest and best strategies for making money online.
  • How Ryan utilises _______ to make incredible affiliate commissions including a huge secret that will surprise you.
  • How he places his opt-in boxes on his websites for maximizing opt-ins, and how he makes fantastic affiliate commissions using his mailing lists.
  • Find out how Ryan builds his sites and a great site builder that you can use.
  • Ryan reveals exactly where the main percentage of his income comes from and why you can make more money this way than any other.
  • Discover the niches and sub niches that Ryan goes into and what you can learn from those.
  • Find out the PPC networks that Ryan uses and why.
  • Uncover exactly how to word your PPC campaigns the way that Ryan does.
  • What tools you can use, that Ryan uses for getting lots of great backlinks to his sites from high PR sites resulting in lots of traffic and affiliate sales.
  • Plus so much more, you won't want to miss this!


Direct linking PPC Secrets with 'The Google Shadow'

In this ground-breaking video with Tim Houston, a.k.a 'The Google Shadow', he reveals how he makes over 100k a month using PPC – without building websites or setting up his own landing pages!

  • Discover why and how Tim's ads make great money even if they only display on Google 30% of the time.
  • Uncover the exact position you should be in when bidding on clicks in Google.
  • Learn why spending more money on bids early on can make you a fortune in the long run.
  • Find out if Tim uses other PPC and ad networks other than Google and why. You may be surprised at the answer Tim gives!
  • Tim gives advice plus a special strategy for how much a beginner needs to spend to earn $100 a day in PPC.
  • How to scale your ppc business from $100 a day to $1000 a day.
  • Plus lots more is covered in this amazing interview!

PPC Millionaire Confessions Vol. 2


Insider Super-Affiliate PPC Strategies With Stephen Clayton

Stephen generates over $1 million a year from PPC alone. In this insider super affiliate ppc strategies interview, he shares a lot of powerful techniques for making incredible profits from promoting affiliate offers via pay per click. Inside you'll learn:

  • A sneaky little tip you can copy on how Steve uses not just one site but 2 sites for a product or niche to lower his PPC costs.
  • What kind of products and offers that Steve finds to be extremely profitable to promote
  • The software that Steve uses to track his ppc campaigns.
  • A great tip for what to do so that other ppc tools cannot spy on you.
  • The critical number of keywords you should start out your PPC campaigns with.
  • Uncover the incredible free software that you should use to manage your PPC campaigns.
  • Learn from Steve's PPC click through rate advice. This will benefit you and your PPC campaigns hugely.
  • The exact bid price that you should start out with to kick start your profitable PPC campaigns.
  • Why Google will sometimes show your ad more even though you may be lowering your bids.
  • The precises statistics that you must pay the most attention to when analysing your ppc campaigns in order to maximize your profits.
  • Discover precisely what to do if you start to lose money on a PPC campaign.
  • The experimental PPC on _______ that gives you a lot of clicks with low bid prices.
  • Learn from Steve's insider advice on link building and his little secret on what sites you should definitely use to increase your web link presence to make more money from increased traffic.
  • How to scale your income from $1,000 per week to $10,000 per week!
  • And so much more!

Steve shares a wealth of knowledge in this killer interview, you will certainly want to have your pen and paper out taking lots of notes with this one as it'll greatly affect your return on investment (ROI) when it comes to PPC.


Millionaire PPC Tips with Alex Goad

When Alex Goad first started with PPC he was in major debt and financial strife. Now he is making over $65k per month from PPC. In this revealing interview you'll discover how he does what he does, including:

  • The incredibly profitable niche market that Alex likes the most, including the Clickbank product Alex promotes that earns him huge commissions every day. Once you find this out you can make great sums in this niche too.
  • The EXACT style of landing page that Alex uses to earn huge commissions from promoting via PPC
  • Uncover how Alex gets super high signup rates to his various niche newsletters, and how you can do the same. He shows you the secret psychology behind the wording he uses, this is killer advice!


PPC Kahuna Strategies with Jason Katzenback (Online Video)

Jason Katzenback is an absolute PPC expert, and in this revealing video webinar I grill him for his secrets to making his PPC income. Inside you'll learn:

  • How to spy on competitors to see where they are advertising so you can copy them -- saving you time and money!
  • A cunning trick for using Amazon, and how it can become your best friend.
  • The covert tool that Jason uses, especially for CPA offers. You can use it too. Best of all – it's free!
  • Why your keywords may not convert and how you can fix it.
  • And so much more is covered in this fascinating video!


How to Ambush Google with Andrew X

In this interview I grill PPC millionaire Andrew X to uncover his major PPC tips and tactics ... This is your opportunity to be a fly on wall and use these secret techniques in your own PPC strategy. Here is an outline of what is covered in this interview:

  • Uncover Andrew's quick and easy ways to test a market to see if he will be profitable and you can copy this exact strategy to get the same results and save on costs.
  • How to make sure your quality score with Google is great so your PPC costs will be low.
  • The HTML editor that Andrew always uses to build his websites and why.
  • The amazing software that Andrew uses to track his PPC that you can use too.
  • How to ensure that you are building YOUR business and not someone elses when conducting PPC
  • Why you need to _______ and discover how many clicks you need to have for a good PPC campaign.
  • Why you shouldn't follow Google's recommendations as to when you've got a winning PPC ad.
  • Great advice for people just starting out with limited funds.
  • The single biggest mistake that most people make when first starting a PPC campaign.
  • The 3 most important tips from Andrew on how YOU can succeed at Pay Per Click.
  • You can copy Andrews landing page website advice for your sites and learn how Andrew structures them.
  • You'll learn important tips on what you should have on your review page website that others miss.
  • What word you should NEVER use in some ads if advertising on a product name.
  • Uncover cutting edge content network secrets and how you can make more money with the content network than the search network.


Normally PPC Millionaire Confessions Volume I & II are $499 each (or can be purchased together for $997). As a new member, you can receive these today for the one time only price
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What you get...

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Offer Secrets with Gauher Chaudhry
  • Google Content-Match Domination with Alen Sultanic (Online Video)
  • Renegade PPC Tactics with Ryan Moran
  • Direct linking PPC Secrets with 'The Google Shadow'
  • Insider Super-Affiliate PPC Strategies With Stephen Clayton
  • Millionaire PPC Tips with Alex Goad
  • How to Ambush Google with Andrew X

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