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What are the most accurate keyword research tools?

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What are the most accurate keyword research tools?

When I put my keywords into the Google Keyword Tool to see how many people are searching for them, the Tool doesn't show results for some of them. I guess it can't get the results for some of them for some reason, and so it places a dash there instead of numbers. So, I figure I'll probably have to take the keyword phrases that it doesn't show results for to another keyword research tool. I have heard of a couple of other keyword research tools like Wordtracker, and Keyword Discovery. I was wondering, however, if anyone know which one next to Google Keyword Tool shows the most accurate results?
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I don't have an answer but would also like to know.
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Hi Kurt,

Keyword discovery is much better for long tail phrases but for popular keywords they almost the same. Some people said that Wordtracker has the excellent GTrends tool that allows you to actually check how much google traffic keyword phrases got.

Based on my research, keyword discovery seems to be more accurate due to drawing information from more sources and more versatile. It has the most extensive keyword search database available on the market. Here are some of the more beneficial features of keyword discovery:

Related keywords - you will have the option to view synonyms, misspellings/typos, pluras and permutations.

Seasonal Search Trends- This is quite useful for any industries that get more business at certain times of the year.

Keyword Density - You can check the keyword density of any URL to ensue that your pages target your most important keywords effectively.

Domain Research Tool - It automatically checks if your target keywords are available to purchase.

Keyword List Management - You can easily add keywords to a project that can be exported.

Hope this helps.
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Our lesson on keyword research shows how to do keyword research using several applications like Traffic Travis, Keyword Discovery and the Google Keyword tool. You'll find that the results vary between all these tool, but the difference in the values should not be that big.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hello everyone,

Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestion, if you want to give really a good surprise, One of the first things you learn as an Internet marketer is that keywords are the foundation of your campaigns. The search volume of any given keyword you can estimate a demand for any given product or a service. As with anything marketing related - someone is going to try to convince you to buy the newest keyword tool on the market.

Thanks and regards
Hellin Knighting

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Hello Everyone,

I can say that Keyword Discovery is one of the most advanced (but expensive!) tool. You can rely on the results you'll get from this simple tool.
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I would say Google keyword tools, Market Samurai or Wordtracker. See this post about keyword research tools on Mac and PC http://www.adeepbite.com/best-seo-services-tools-for-mac-pc-part-1/
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I would say SE Cockpit is the best keyword tool to use.
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