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The 'Self Help' Niche Has Me Stumped!

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The 'Self Help' Niche Has Me Stumped!

I picked the Self-Help niche becuase I like the way it crosses over with several other self-improvement niches. So I started with the Self-Help niche first, thinking I would follow with Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Dating Tips for Men, Save Your Relationship / Get Your Ex Back.

But I think I started with the toughest niche to narrow my focus in. In the very first article that I need to rewrite, I am not sure what keywords to change!? In Dog Training, I can focus on a specific dog breed and or dog problem. In Self-Help and or Self Improvement, I have done keyword research and I am more confused than ever. I just can't seem to get my brain rapped around this niche. I am sure there must be quite a few unique approaches I can take into the market! But for the life of me, I can't see them!

It is like looking for something in my wife's kitchen. "Where is the grater, sweetheart?"
"Right in front of you. If it was a snake it would have bit you!"

Okay, the answer is right in front of me. Can someone help me see it?
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Hi there - I've also just signed up and still downloading instructions, and trying to put it all together, etc. I thought I'd start with the weight loss and then move on to self-help.

I'd be happy to share any insights I gain (hopefully, I do!)

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look at different problems people are looking for help with. self help is a huge niche that has a lot of small subniches each one very unique. you could focus on goal setting, building self confidence, mind power, you can even narrow each one of these to a tightly focussed sub niche.perhaps one that relates to other subniches that you have chosen.

then you could cross promote your other sites with that one driving traffic to your new sites instantly.
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I'll say that if you are starting with self niche then first focus on a sub-niche.. you might have a few articles on other topics here and there but your core focus should be one small sub-niche. Expand out from there as per your cash flow
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People within the self-help niche are, generally, dissatisfied with their life. Sometimes it is because of something specific, sometimes it is because of a vague feeling that there must be "more" to life.

You could narrow your focus to include something like goal setting, productivity, finding fulfillment or life-purpose, law of attraction, meditation, etc.

I like James' idea of setting up other sites and then using self-help as a hub that can funnel people to those other sites.
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I've been in internet marketing for a whole year and I have found the best luck with self improvement. I have heard that it is a rather tough field.

I guess you could just narrow it down a little into what aspect of self improvement you are passionate about. Also, you could probably do some social networking and building relationships in forums and the like as well as submitting articles to directories if you are not doing that already.
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