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Testing google ads and landing pages simultaneously??

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Testing google ads and landing pages simultaneously??

Will testing google ads and landing pages at the same time miscue the results?
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Hi frankie29588,

I don't have much experience with split testing but I think testing them at the same time will not affect the results as long as you keep it as organized as possible. It's actually getting and keeping the testing organized that might be difficutlt Google Analytics has a split testing feature that you can try.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Google Anylitics gives chance to do this for free, so search their help, my expiriences with split A/B testings are something that lead my landing pages up to 50% conversion increasing, so it is WORT anycase GA give it for free.
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Hi frankie29588,

Try to also check out these pages on Google Ads split testing-

http://adwords.blogspot.com/2010/06/adw ... split.html
http://certifiedknowledge.org/blog/ab-s ... h-adwords/

I hope that helps!

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I am in the process of doing my first split test and from what I have been reading on Google is they will keep everything separate that is the whole reason behind the test is to see the results so you should get results that show both a and b as well as showing ad results.
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