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Summary of Affiliate Process (Please edit!)

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Summary of Affiliate Process (Please edit!)

I am on my third website and here is my process. Please comment on steps you would add or remove.

1. Find niche: I like to look at clickbank for something to promote
2. Keyword research: I have a great researcher on oDesk. ask and I will give you his name.
3. Choose 30 keywords
4. Write articles on those keywords. I also have great content writers.
5. Create website
6. Add content to website
7. Backink and wait for results.

How do you do it?

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for sharing!

There are more steps involved in each of the steps you listed, but for the most part, you're right. I usually do continuous backlinking, using different methods, until I see results. Sometimes, I continue with building links even after that.

Have a good day!
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Hi Kevin,

Yes the steps you mentioned are correct- the list you have is one way to do it. :) I also agree with Cecille that you need to continue with your backlinking campaign and at the same time always track your results. This way you will be able to know if your efforts are working. If not, perhaps, you should try to re-evaluate things.

Good luck!
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A very important element is missing: listbuilding!

The site should contain a signup form and a healthy amount of automated followup emails to educate and build trust with your audience.
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I would emphasize what Cecille has said. Once the website is up you need to continuously build links to it. And your links must be varied in type and what not. get links from video, image, doc/pdf , social bookmarking sites etc. And the links must have vaired ip
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