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should a affiliate site create funnels

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should a affiliate site create funnels

should a affiliate site create sales funnels to affiliate site?
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You could, but one strong reason to be an affiliate in the first place is that you don't have to setup the funnel (the product creator should have that in place).

If you are already setting up an entire funnel, why not make your own product?
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When you are still at the infancy of your online business, it would be best if you use an affiliate to make your site known to the virtual world. This approach aims to prepare you for stronger hold in the industry, which is the best time for you to set-up your own name and make your product and/or service known to everyone.
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I don't think you should, or that you have to. There are other methods to build links and drive traffic to your site that you can try. One such method is engaging your target market through social media sites. Sharing content and such are big on social media sites these days and you can "funnel" the traffic from social media sites to your site by sharing content that is found on your site. The only catch is you need to share top-notch, eye-catching content.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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