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Requests a review of my renewed website

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Requests a review of my renewed website

I am now almost finished my work renewed,
The site was of low quality and poorly designed level,
Now I think he looks a little better
my games site: http://www.giftsngames.com

They told me that I should have a flash on the home page what do you think?
I want to hear from you
what you like ?
what you didnt like ?
What could be improved ?
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online flash games http://www.giftsngames.com
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I like the layout and the flash you added
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I also loved the flash.

I think that the layout is clean, the navigation is very straightforward. These provide users no-fuss experience and it's very easy to find and navigate your pages.

Perhaps, what you can add are features that can increase visits and clicks to your site. You may also come up with a good strategy to attract affiliates.

Perhaps reviews of each game is a good addition :)

I hope that helps!

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mark schaaf
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I like how everything looks the only problem I have and this may be only me but I have a hard time reading what is in the box at the bottom of the page. I don't know if it is because it is white on purple or the font size. I also think it would read just a little better if you broke up the text at the bottom into paragraphs.
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Hi alaskaone12,

The site looks great and I like the Flash presentation on the home page. I also like the neat layout. The site is very easy to navigate but I have to agree with Mark. The text on the bottom is a bit difficult to read. You might want to make it a bit bigger and change the font too.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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I like the site and also the message from the lady: short and efficient!
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