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Recommended Global Monthly Search Per Keyword

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Recommended Global Monthly Search Per Keyword

I am having a lot of trouble finding keywords in my niche that has a high global monthly search and is NOT SEO competitive using traffic travis tool.

Do I have to reach a certain total global monthly search. I saw Mark in one of his videos say you need to be at 30,000 a month and have keywords that total that amount. With that # you build articles around it.

It seems with keywords with low Global Search Count, I'll have like 100 articles LOL.

What is the recommended global monthly search for a keyword to create an article around it?
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Hi Paul,

We recommend getting keywords with a minimum of 250 global monthly search and up. Depending on the niche you're in, the longer and more specific your target keyword is, the lesser the monthly global search is.

Keywords in popular niches like weight loss niche tend to have high global monthly searches but high competition so you really need to find a good balance of good monthly search figures and an easy to moderate competition.

You need to have about 20 keywords on your list to target and these should have a total of 3000 global monthly search. You can check out sites like Ubersuggest.org if you feel like you're running out of keywords to look at.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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Hi Paul,

It's also important to notice that high search volume isn't the only criteria for choosing good keywords. It's true that with a higher search volume, you stand to get more visitors to your website.

However, keywords with a low search volume can also be good keywords, IF they turn out to give high conversions. This means you can make the same or even larger amount of money with less visitors.

Examples of low search, high conversion keywords are product names or author names. This is a "bread and butter" tactic that even the biggest marketers use. I have used it to decent success also.

Either way, what you DON'T want is to waste time ranking for a high search volume that doesn't result in any sales. This is a common problem that many members here in this forum come up against is getting visitors but not making any sales.

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Okay... i have no idea about it. Thanks for sharing.
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