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Putting adsense code on wordpress site

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Putting adsense code on wordpress site


I have three adsense codes to put on my wp site but do not know where they go? Can anyone please tell me?
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It is a bit tricky inserting Adsense codes into your WP site. However you can make it simplier by using WP plug ins.

Jeremy wrote "Wordpress itself doesn't directly help you insert Adsense code into your website. There are, however, Wordpress Plugins.You access Plugins from the Wordpress Admin area. Go to "Add New" and
you will be met with a search page. If you just search for "adsense" you'll find lots of different plugins that help you out.

Personally I only choose Plugins that have 5 stars. This means other users have tried it, and they're aren't finding anything wrong. I also tend to choose Plugins that advertise how simple they are. I know some people want lots of options, and to customize it. I just want to get it working with as little effort and learning as possible.

My recommendation is Simple AdSense Insert.
It fulfills my two criteria, and as a bonus it's up to version 1.4 this means they're actively developing it, so if anything happens - like google changes how adsense works - these guys will make sure
their Plugin still works."

Well said.

I hope that helped.
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You can also use a plugin called "Advertisement Management" to add Google Adsense ads to your posts

To find this plugin, please go to Plugins > Add New > Search.

All the best!
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I agree with Peter that adding Adsense code to Wordpress is quite tricky. However, this process gets easier once you know where and how to exactly place the codes. To do that, you first need to have an understanding of the codes found in your Wordpress theme. From this, you will know what these codes are and where they are used for, including where you can embed scripts like Adsense.

You may edit your theme within the WordPress dashboard. Make sure that your theme files are writable. To edit your theme, you need to change permission or CHMOD of the files. You may also work in the file manager of your hosting account or on your PC and do FTP to upload the changes.

One of the places you may put your Adsense code to is above the post of your Wordpress blog. Keep in mind that Google will only show 3 Adsense blocks per page. Like for example you place your Adsense in your WP theme, in the posts, and in the sidebar- generally only the 3 blocks will show. All else will be just open space.

If you are interested on putting Adsense within the post, I recommend using Adsense Deluxe plugin. For more Adsense plugin options, check out this link here- http://www.tutorialwebdesign.com/blog/10-awesome-adsense-wordpress-plugin/
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