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PPV ads more info

mark schaaf
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PPV ads more info

Thanks for the info I got from everyone from my last question but i would like some more opinions. I was thinking about putting some wording with some arrows pointing to the company banners for the products i am selling on my site with click here to book flights or whatever the topic may be on that page, I am also planning on putting links in my pages text saying something like to you can click here to book whatever it is or click the banner to the right. Does this sound like good options, I am a little worried about the 1st thing i mentioned because I think my site looks good and uncluttered and don't want to make it look cheap with click here kind of stuff. what does everyone think, thanks Mark
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You can use calls to action other than click here. Examples below:

Find out more about <topic/product>

Take care of <problem/issue> now

Book your <flight/room/etc.> now
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It won't look cheap as long as those clicks look sensible. :)
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Offer wide range of services.
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does google look down on the phrase "click here" as inserted links on banner photos?
should i not use "click here", but other words?
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You need to use anchor text with your keywords that you want to rank for when you create links, not "click here!" unless "Click HERE" is the keyword that you are trying to rank for.
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