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Please, I need help....

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Please, I need help....

I have a blog that is promoting a Click Bank Product.
It listed on page one Google, and i got about 15~20 click on that promoting product every day, but no sale,

Totally, i have 200 click now, and no sale.

Am i picking a wrong keyword?

My main keyword is "Hack wii 4.3"

This is my blog: http://hackwii43.com/

And the other keyword is like "how to hack a wii" "wii 4.3 hack" etc..
All of that "keyword page" listed on page 1 Google

And my main promoting product is "http://myhomebreware.com/"

I got click every day, but no sale

I think the problem is my choosing keyword is very bad, isn't it?
If I typing hack wii 4.3 on Google, I don't think i will buy a product.

And also, on that CB product, i got about 3~4 order form click, every day.
So, that i find out is that keyword is just find out something free?

Anyway, thank you for your feedback.:)

I have no ideas why this blog fail

Thank you.

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Hi Benny,

I don't think it's the keywords. Looking at your site, the problem may be (1) the content and (2) the link to your affiliate product. You may want to re-write the article and make it sound more natural. The article sounds stilted and lacks cohesion. You might also want to change the anchor text for your affiliate link. It says "Click here to discover cool stuff". So you get visitors to click, and then they are taken to the product sales page, and they get turned off. Try something like "Click here for the best software to help hack your Wii" or something similar.

I hope that helps. Have a good day!
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As Cecille says, it's all in the setup. If you change you content and presell, then you show the visitor that the complete information that they need is in the guide, provide them the buy link and those that seriously want it will buy.
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