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Optimizing your site for mispelled keywords

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Optimizing your site for mispelled keywords

If you find a misspelled keyword that actually has more searches than the correctly spelled one,
should you write an article and/or do SEO based on the mispelled keyword?
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We don't recommend that you use an incorrectly spelled word as your keyword. Even if it has higher search results than the correct word. You would want your site to have quality content. If your articles are misspelled, your visitors would think that your site is unreliable and you will not be able to build it as an authority site.
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You can get traffic from misspelled keywords also. But some search engines will spell check before they check the index, it will not help you much.
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If you thought there may be significant traffic from mispells write some articles and optimize those for the mispell.Build backlinks to these articles and try and get them to rank.
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I don't think it's a great idea. The search engines are getting smarter and are offering suggestions to people as they type in their queries and they'll also add "did you mean ...." and I bet a lot of folks click on that link then.
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From what I've seen in my statistics, I get plenty of traffic from mispelled keywords, even though they are spelled correctly on my sites. It almost seems as if the search engines funnel the mispelled words for example, "assian cat food" to the correctly spelled results for "asian cat food".

Optimizing for these is not only a waste of time, but it also makes you look like a fool to your visitors.
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