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Not getting enough sales - Any advice on my site?

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Not getting enough sales - Any advice on my site?

Hi Everyone,
I currently have a site that I just started about 3 and half months ago. It is targeted mainly in Hong Kong and is pretty new. However, I have not received as much sales as I would like to have and wondered if you would take a look at my site and see what tips I need to improve on.

My items are bath and body products which is extremely a competitve market and I do believe that 1 example for not making a sale is that because I am not stored anywhere yet it makes it hard for people to imagine the smell of a Lemongrass body lotion as everyone has different ideas . I have a banner Ad which I get traffic on from there and have just had a few more add ons from the facebook Ad but it's not enough at the moment.

Would love to hear from anyone who has some advice to pass on to me. I have added keywords on my products but not on all yet but have noticed from looking at my analytics that some of the keywords have worked but I know it's also not enough.

Pls. feel free to view the site www.copacabbana.com

Thanks alot!
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Hi Jennifer,

How are you advertising the site?
The reason I ask is that I tried to find your site using your keywords and I also tried using some of your product names and could not find your site. If you hadn't given me the name of the site I would never have found it.

Are you getting any visitors using the viral nature of FaceBook? I notice you have 245 people liking your FaceBook fan page which is quite low for a fan page. A FaceBook search doesn't even find your FB fan page. You appear to have a commodity product that would appeal to many FaceBook users.

I would suggest you look at putting your focus into FaceBook and build a business page. Structure it like a landing page, add a 'Like' button, similar to your website, with an instruction to visitors to click the like button. Link this page to your website. A newsfeed (the wall) can be a distraction so make the page that visitors land on your landing page. Look at the Starbucks page as an example.

Look at your competitors sites and check the demographics through Quantcast (http://www.quantcast.com) and consider using FaceBook advertising to raise the popularity of your FB business page; this will help to raise the profile of your business page and your website.

In regard to your website do some keyword research for your market and for your products and make use of these keywords. Consider turning your website into a WordPress blog and start adding keyword rich articles about your products to raise the profile of your site. Add the FB like button to each of your articles. Consider allowing comments where people use their FB profile to login to make comments; this will place the comments on your visitors wall thus further raising the profile of your website.

Consider using Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from. This will greatly assist you with your targeting. Furthermore it will show you what is working and what is not.

There is a considerable amount of work involved in the suggestions I have made but if you implement them one by one your should start to see a very good return and both your website and FB business page will start to rank.

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John Albrett
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I agree with John,

also look at how many visitors/day you are getting. less than 100-200/day, and you should be focussing all your efforts on traffic not on sales. gotta crawl before you can run a marathon.
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the two gentleman above are more than right. I´m somehow experience with an e-commerce site and I must say, 3 months is of course nothing in building a real business off or online!

The good thing is that google is taking more and more steps to support e-commerce based sites (physical products), especially if their are local-based, meaning you have a physical address for customers to call-in and or pass by.
In this cased I would, next the recommendations above, get a google merchant center account, which you then can feed your products to. This way Google can find your products easier and display them on their search engine.
This method works well with your advertising efforts, whereby I will test Google adwords and link it to your merchants account. This way you could use adwords product extension to display, instead of adwords text, adwords images ad which may result in better CTR and conversion as well as a differentiation strategy from your competitors.

In fact their more things that should be done to your site, but as JM said above, crawl before a marathon.
If you have any additional question, please don´t hesitate or PM me.
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Hi Guys,
Thanks very much for taking the time to look at the site and give me advice, I really appreciate all the feedback. Yes I do agree that the fanpage is low, I did use the facebook Ad just for the 1st few days to play around with it and had to change the Ad demographic a few times to a little bit older as I had thought some people were clicking for the sake of clicking to add which is great to be honest but not sure if it loyal enough for later. So I didn't want to waste any more money aswell. But did think I should mention to click the like buttom when viewing.

I have to say for the keyword search yes because of the name I had choosen to work with google has it days, some days my site does pop up on the 1st page at the buttom andthen other days totally can't find it. But as my brother in law mentioned google may think that the spelling is wrong as off course Copa Cabana is actually spelt with 1 B. I am in thoughts of actually changing the name so that it makes it easier to work with in the keyword search section or would you guys think can still work without changing the name?

I am defin. going to take in the points that all of you had mentioned. Would you advise to get someone who actually does online marketing and just work with them to do this as I am not the greatest in certain parts?

Traffic - also would agree to get more in. I did change my homepage which showed me on analytics people started to search more and stay longer. I also have a banner Ad which is the only place aswell as the facebook Ad that people also view. I was told that I should spend alot more on advertising and marketing.

Thanks again and am happy to hear feedback
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