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Hi everyone i am new to this forum.

I know a bit about affiliate/internet marketing but still dont have my own business in it.

One of the issues i am confused with is how far to go in a niche, i shall provide a example below:

Weight loss
Weight loss diets
Weightloss supplements

These all have a good seach volume so should i go into one area at a time with its own product per sub niche or one product to them all and the same question for backend products?

Thank you

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"Weight Loss" is probably too broad unless you have a pile of cash and unbounded time to invest in marketing your website.
The other too are better but you can dig much deeper than that.
It's probably a wise move to promote a handful of related products in any selected sub niche - that way you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.
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Hi Beth,

Weight loss is too broad a niche. I suggest you target a sub-niche and think of a unique angle for it. Sub-niches you can look into are losing weight after pregnancy, current diet plans to lose weight, exercise programs, and supplements that aid weight loss.
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When choosing a niche, you want to look at how competitive it is, and how to find buyer keywords. Not only is weight loss too general from a competitive standpoint, but it is also not a high buyer intent keyword.

Instead, look for specific problems that people who are trying to lose weight will be facing, and target those. REmember, you aren't trying to sell something, you are trying to help someone solve a problem. YOu happen to be selling a product that does that.
So, find the specific problem, and find the problems that people want to spend money NOW to fix.
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