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Niche Background Research

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Niche Background Research

Hey all,

I'm going through the modules of AffiloBlueprint and currently I'm in Video 6 in step 1 which is about Niche Background Research.

I kinda get the idea which is to search for common problems in a broader niche such as the common problems in the "Self-Help" niche are Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks etc ( As shown in the video ).

But I'm not in the self-help niche and can't generate a list of seed keywords that addresses common problems in my niche.

I'm in the "Arts & Entertainment: Music" niche.

I have an affiliate product that teaches people about how to play piano.

So my niche is: "Learn to Play Piano".

What should I be typing in for Niche Background research for this niche? Piano Forums?
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Are you able to rate keyboards? classical music vs Jazz?
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tomaskoreilly wrote:Are you able to rate keyboards? classical music vs Jazz?

Hey Tomos,

The product that I'd like to promote teaches anything to do with learning piano. Be it Classical Music or Jazz.

So I'm targeting BOTH. I ran through Keyword Planner and found some awesome keywords:

1.) Piano Lessons
2.) Learn Piano
3.) Piano Lessons for Adults
4.) How to Play Piano
5.) Learn To Play Piano
6.) Piano Lessons for Beginners
7.) Jazz Piano Lessons
8.) Online Piano Lessons
and so on...

I've found well over 150 keywords using the Keyword Planner tool and I'm really liking them so far.
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Hmm that is pretty interesting) And how is it going?
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As you dig deeper, start looking at other keywords outside of just how to play piano. Use the terminology piano students would use. Piano fingering techniques, scales for piano. How to tune A piano, you could also include other physical product from Amazon like metranomes sheet music etc.... Find the most common problems piano players have and find keywords related to the problems outside of just the main niche keyword. The products you promote will be loaded with keyword ideas you can research too so even if you can't get a free review copy, purchasing the product is usually a worthwhile investment
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How have things progressed for you? It's an interesting niche to be sure!

Any traffic yet???
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