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nervous about my keyword that I chose

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nervous about my keyword that I chose

I need some help in my decision as to keep going with the keyword I chose or scrap it and look for something else, and please respond to this post if you are very sure as to what you are talking about.

I'm not trying to be rude by any means but I mentioned my niche ( Woodworking Plans) in another post, and being a carpenter is one reason I chose this niche, and it has a gravity of 60 in clickbank.

I had members saying way to go in getting a niche about something I have an interest in and another member saying in these economic times woodworking plans would not do too well, but might have a chance with hobbyists.

Plus when I put it into Traffic Travis and Google keyword tools I get a lot of keywords with the word free attatched meaning that if you type into google free dog house plans you will get free dog house plans even though they are crap they are free.

So now I'm not sure if I should continue with this keyword or look for something more in the starving crowd group.

If you tell me to get rid of the woodworking plans niche then can you give me some suggestions what else to look for as my mind has gone blank for other ideas.

Thank you Larry
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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry,
When replying to these sorts of questions on the forum, so many scenarios go through my brain that it is hard to put it all in one post, especially with the limited time I have, but I always try to help as much as I can.

If this is your first site, then can I suggest something for you as I feel you are lamenting over this and I can understand that from a newbies point of view.
I mean the following in the nicest way.
Here are 2 points of view and you can choose what suits you best.

1. Build your site on woodworking and don't even think of the profit for now.
Just do it because you love it.
This will do 2 things...
A. You will love writing about what you love.
B. You will learn about what it takes and the process of putting up your own site and seeing it too completion.
Remove all energy and thought from the mentality of "I have to get a sale or it's all for nothing"
Nothing is ever "for nothing", there is always something to be learned no matter how small.
If it makes sales great, if not.. you have learned allot!


2. Choose a niche that has a hungry market solely for the purpose of profit and helping people and providing a good product or service and be happy that you are doing so.
Will you enjoy it, I don't know.
Some people just outsource everything and make a profit and don't really care about if they like the niche.
It is a business to them, plain and simple. Nothing wrong with that.
You may build 5 sites before you come up with one that is a winner.
Welcome to Affiliate Marketing..lol

I wish I had all the answers but some things you just need to get in there and do, TEST and TEST again, refine and TEST again, refine and.. well you get the idea..lol

I hope you choose something that is right for you.

Look on Google for "How to choose a niche" etc... but keep in mind you will come across products that will be very enticing to buy and some of them are good too, just apply what you learn from them if you do decide to buy something to expand your knowledge.

Kindest Regards
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I have a couple of sites up now. The first site that I put up (because it is my passion) had a product with a gravity of 40 with a commission of 50% (I started this site in June). This site may never make much money (someday it might), but it is up now, I have learned much from it and the future costs of this site will be very little.

Now I do have a couple of sites made for the "starving crowds" and they have made me less money (a couple have made me no money), granted they are younger in age.

I know that you wanted advice from an authority figure and that I am not, but I can tell you that I have no regrets for following my passion with my first website.

This is a link to my first site http://wanderinggenerality.com
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You could enter your keyword ideas in google and take notice of the adwords campains. If there are plenty and stay for awhile you could assume that the keywords are profitable.

If you take notice of what they are promoteing you could promote the same and probably make some money with the niche.
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JC Dean
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Hi I did my last campaign on the keywords I liked best and know the most about and I have had my first sales that way.
I like to think it is because I could write the truth about the products and it is something I believed in. I may never make a living with the campaign but it was fun and I learned the most from it.
I still think you should pm me about the building project I found that has a search volume of 3500 a month and not much competition.
I still have the web site on the front page of Google in two or three articles.
Or email me at "[email protected]"
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Just make sure there is money and go for it. A gravity of 60 is excellent.

Go for it and don't waste time thinking about it. Once your first site is finsished, build a second one in an other niche.

All the best,
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Having those skills already give you the advantage by your comment of the other plans being crap. You should maybe create an opt-in offer to send them tips on building whatever based on your experience then hit them with the sales offer at the end of your emails. This should get your prospects warmed up for the sale eventually. I am sure that many of these offers are from people that dont have much experience, you can create your own niche on these plans by a review of them and then offer the one you feel is the best and of course earn a commission, you would be talking from experience. You can also offer TO sell them personal advice when the sale is made by email. A simple paypal buy button on your site or blog would do. Maybe a flat fee advice on each plan, etc. I would stick with it and like the others have said, you are not wasting time but learning the trade.
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