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Need advice regarding a particular Niche topic

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Need advice regarding a particular Niche topic


My name is Jean-Marc & i've been a member with affilorama for around 2 weeks. Im very impressed with the info regarding affiliate marketing.

At the moment im trying to figure out what niche topic to choose.

A Topic that i am highly interested or have a big passion for is arsenal fc (english footbal club)

I would need some advice if i should create a webiste related to arsenal fc (news, fixtures, table standings, arsenal player info etc) and what strategy should i take to make it a profitable website.

www.arsenal-mania.com is a site i came across while doing some market research ( so that you will have an idea of what im talking about)

Thanks in advanced
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its a good idea if you really love and support them but maybe not so good if your planing to make money from that site not alot of ways to make some $$ apart from adsence
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or maybe he can sell an ebook about the team. the players, the season, etc...

he can also become an amazon affiliate and sell apparel, shoes, watches and clothing. He will not target just arsenal football fans. he is actually targeting men.
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Maybe you should try and get interviews with some of the star players, put them in mp3 format and have them transcribed into pdf format also. This will give you an instant product to sell on your site and you'll be able to keep all of the profits. You of course will have to make sure you follow any applicable laws or what have you, but it might be worth a go. Another thing to do along with that is do a complete bio, including pictures on the featured player, as an article and submit to social bookmarking sites to drum up some traffic and search engine love. It's a process, but you have to start somewhere.

hope this helps,

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