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Membership site hard to start?

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Membership site hard to start?

I have this idea for a webcam membership site-not adult stuff. But i don't how i would start it. Would it be like any other site creation, i mean just getting traffic and people to sign up for it? I actually heard membership site are kind of low maintenance. I think i can handle seo part so is there anything elese i need to know?
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Hi Rhoda,

When it comes to setting up a membership site vs the regular affiliate site, the membership site takes a little longer to set-up. But of course, there are software and tools to speed this process. However, they are quite pricey.

What is good with membership sites is they provide you with much stable income. And unlike the regular affiliate website, you do not need to generate constant traffic just to earn since membership sites already have their own "paying" subscribers.

But you have to remember, a good membership site would need good products and should always offer new add-ons and benefits to the members.

I hope that helps.

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Hi Rhoda,

Shane Melaugh has done a good post on 7 types of membership sites:

http://imimpact.com/membership-and-prod ... -and-more/
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yes it is hard to start
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I think Paypal as an easy to setup membership 'button'. Payment wise this would make things quite easy to get subscribers.
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