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Keywords and Meaning / Intention

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Keywords and Meaning / Intention

Suppose I need to write for each keyword an article in my website,
what should I do, if there are lot's of keywords but with the same meaning,

for example - "chicken coop" and "chicken ark" has the same meaning,
so if someone will read both articles in my website, there both will say the same thing.

what should I do ?
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You will find many keywords that have identical meanings. The average article should only be approximately 500 words. The 500 word limitation should cause the articles to be generalized and not going into full subject depth. This will allow you to write subsequent articles on the same subject without duplicating another article page. The other articles simply cover other areas of the same general subject.

Also, you need to realize that many people that land on your website will only be reading one of your pages and not reading the website as a whole. This in itself, makes some subject duplication necessary so as the page article is complete not requiring additional information to be understandable.
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One strategy that Mark teaches is to write a 1000 word article. Split it into 2, with each half targeting a different variation of the phrase.

If you're finding a whole bunch of very similar phrases, perhaps one thing you might do is consider trying to drill down further in your keyword research in finding phrases to target. Vary up which phrase you use with your article. for example, one page might target "building chicken coops" while another might be "caring for your chicken ark" and so on.
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also, be careful of the trap of lazy kw research. I see people that try to do a site with all 20 kw being very similar. You want some variety.

I usually divide my site into categories before anything else. Once I choose a niche, I pick 4 problems within the niche, then I find one product that helps fix each problem, and one general product that covers all of them.

these are the 5 products for my review table/ product reviews

then I take each category and find 6 keywords for each problem that I identified.

it takes a bit more to set up and research that way, but you are ready for a site that is valuable, well laid out, and set up for expansion later on.

the more sites I build the more i realize that these small sites are great as a test for a new niche, but they are not a "finished site" when you finish the course. you keep adding and building over time.
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