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Keyword Assistance Software - Anyone used them?

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Keyword Assistance Software - Anyone used them?

Hey guys! I keep finding more keyword software out there: KeyWord Elite, Ad Click Analyzer, etc. I'm wondering if there's anyone that has purchased any of these, and uses them for things that Traffic Travis cannot do. Please let me know if you recommend buying any extra software. Thanks!
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if there are any features that it does that traffic travis cannot do, please post on the traffic travis forum as we are always working on updates and new features and take member suggestions very seriously.

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I personally wouldnt buy any of those things until I was earning a little bit of cash. Im not sure where you are, but if you are just starting, I wouldnt worry about it.

But thats just me, other people will have other opinions.
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Yeah, it seems like a good idea to wait until I get some profits going. I just read your reply to my other topic, too. (I'm the engineering student!) I'm in Industrial and Systems/Human Factors Engineering, and I actually almost came down to Sydney for a conference recently...What kind of Engineer are you? Anyway, thanks for the advice.
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Hi 41plus41,

Concur with Sean’s advice …

I have done lot of work on keyword research over the last year or so … and for all members under this relevant thread here are my keyword research thoughts and experience of resources …

I have to say first, KW tools are not the universal panacea that everyone thinks AND most of your research can be done with FREE tools + you have Traffic Travis anyway as a member, so my thoughts are keep your money in your pocket … beside good research goes much further than just KWs … BUT for sure Proper research is KEY … I think you can spend forever searching for something that doesn’t exist … the tool that does the thinking for you is your own brain … beats any kw tool anytime …

But that said, here goes …

Just starting out the following are free and will give you a good start … some have other tools as well such as page ranking … kw discovery, misspellings etc

Classics are

http://inventory.overture.com/d/searchi ... uggestion/

Also Google tools



Goodkeywords V2 is quite good:


but also this which is free too:


and other KW or research tools I’ve picked up from here and there




(broken links removed)





miss spell tool


My own thoughts are that the market, trend and kw research is the absolute key to making money with aff program campaigns, adsense, and SEO.

What I do is use Wordtracker for kw research – I think it is top dog … you can get a day’s subscription here http://www.my-linker.com/hop/wt for not much (not that many people realise you can get just a day) … you can do an awful lot of research on wordtracker in 24hrs … LOL



PS Just for further insight … my experiences … there are many paid software tools on the market … take this or leave it, just my experience …

As a first tool I plumped for adwords analyzer (after a lengthy debate, review and evaluation of all products I found) – AA is quick and great for some of the things that I do … BUT quite limited in other ways … probably my most used tool though ... http://www.my-linker.com/hop/aa

In my travels I found a FREE version of The Dowser which will give you a good idea on how that program works so if you want to look at a software tool I highly recommend you download it and give it a go - http://www.my-linker.com/hop/td
… it gives you a lot of the program free - you just don't get all the functionality e.g. the cost of the top ten bids and you cant download Google bid information from Google and a fair few other bits. I checked it out well with the free version and then I decided it looked useful especially for adsense so I upgraded to the professional version …

There are also videos on the site that show you how to use it that are great to watch to give you an idea on how the program works.

My experiences then in summary …

Wordtracker and AA are the tools I use all the time –the dowser is particularly good for finding keywords that were searched for with a high bids and not much competition - then build sites that are optimized around these keywords with the aim of making ££ on adsense via The Plan or the 90 Day Roadmap.

Using theses tools you can have from just a handful of keywords expanded to thousands of keywords - the full versions gives you the top 10 bid prices on Google + overture + Enhance and you get keywords/phrases you wouldn't have thought of .

I have probably gone on a bit now – but I am passionate about research this really is the key to success … do this first … understand the market, evaluate any trends, check out forums, basically suss out the niche and then research kws and the buying process, think about all to action phrases and verbs, so if you don’t have a kw tool use the free links above + free demo of the dowser – http://www.my-linker.com/hop/td should help ALSO you have Traffic Travis to download in the member area (I haven’t done much with that yet in all honesty … )

Anyone have any other experience with this please let me know how what you do compares and how any tools compare … I understand that KW Elite is very good but I haven’t bothered to invest for reasons stated at the outset …

Just my ten pence …

Thanks all for reading this far LOL … and I Hope this helps …

Terry :)
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Thank TerryB! Sorry I asked about KWS in the PM, I hadn't read this yet...Anyway, great advice, amd I'll look into it all. I really like Niche Bot! That is a very powerful tool, and being free is nice, too. :D

Thanks again!
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