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Is there a free program like KeywordSpy?

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Is there a free program like KeywordSpy?

I wanted to compare my chosen keywords with that of my competitors to see if they have any that I might have missed. I heard you can use KeywordSpy to find out the keywords of your competitors, but it not a free program. I really don't want to pay for that. Does anybody know if there's a free program like KeywordSpy?
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Hi Kurt,

I haven't come across a free tool similar to Keyword Spy but you may find SEOBook's list of competitive research tools helpful in your search.
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I've researched that there are some great paid keyword spy tools available and I also found out that there are free tool also. The tool is called PPCWEBSpy. It allows you to browse google and look at the Adwords keywords of ANY Adwords advertiser. PPCWEBSpy is a small file that gets installed into your web browser. But your web browser has to be Firefox because it is much more stable browser than Internet Explorer.

When you do a Google search, PPCWEBSpy automatically puts a "view keywords" button below every single Adwords advertiser. You can click the "view keywords" button and a nice pop up window will appear that will show you the keywords that any Adwords advertiser is bidding on and it will also show a lot of other information like how much they're paying per click and so on.
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mark schaaf
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I am not sure what you mean I use keyword spy all the time and it is free the only problem is you only get so many results with the free version. Like TT the free version you may get 20 results but the paid version you will get 100 or more. I think with keyword spy you get the top guys in your niche. Keyword spy from what I have seen is geared towards people using PPC so there results may be a little different then a normal keyword research.
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I use the paid version of keyword spy, though you may wish to just use it for one month then cancel, I think the investment for one month in order to help with your planning is invaluable.

Alternatively, you can use Traffic Travis, the only difference is that with traffic travis you need to input all the keywords that you are spying on. So you might use the traffic travis keyword research tool to uncover 2000+ keywords related to your niche, then after that you can use the tool to see what competitors are bidding on what keywords etc. You can see all the keywords your competitors are bidding on, and can track them over time to see if they are still advertising on them weeks, months later etc.

Hope that helps!

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